Gum Disease Prevention and Treatment Services

Maintain healthy teeth and gums with Dr. Schmid– Fort Lauderdale Dentist

Get your gums checked and eliminate any signs of gum diseases that you may have such as gingivitis and infection.

Our complete dentistry ensures you’ll feel comfortable during your visit for “Gum Disease Treatment” by Dr. Schmid – General Dentist in Fort Lauderdale.

How Gum Disease Treatment Works:

During your dental check-up Dr. Schmid will examine your teeth and gums for signs of disease. If you show signs of gingivitis or an advanced case of gum disease, Dr.Schmid will recommend immediate periodontal therapy. Periodontal disease is fairly common and is usually simple to fix.

  • This gum disease treatment involves removing calculus (a hardened plaque), from below the gum line.

  • Then Dr.Schmid will smooth toothroots in a procedure called “scaling” to reduce areas prone to plaque buildup. We can irrigate pockets of infection to clean them if needed. Sometimes “Arestin” (antibiotic) is applied into the gum pocket to kill stubborn harmful bacterial infection.

  • If gum disease has advanced to the point that surgery is required, Dr. Schmid can perform  gum surgery procedures in our office. Otherwise, he will refer you to a trusted colleague for specialized periodontal care.