Root Canals

Eliminate Tooth Ache Pain with Root Canal Therapy

By Dr. Federico Schmid, DDS –
Fort Lauderdale’s Restorative Dentist

Eliminate toothache pain with root canal therapy by Dr. Schmid – Fort Lauderdale’s Restorative Dentist

Symptoms of Tooth Infection

A tooth can become infected for a variety of reasons including chips, breaks, decay, untreated cavities, and traumatic injury. Some common symptoms of a tooth infection include:

  • Intense sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures

  • Severe pain and/or swelling in the surrounding areas

  • An abscess surrounding the tooth

  • Substantial decay

Note that a tooth infection may not demonstrate any symptoms at all. For this reason, we recommend that you receive routine dental checkups to identify potential issues and maintain optimal oral health.

Suffering from a toothache? Damaged or decayed teeth may need to be repaired with “root canal therapy.”

How a “Root Canal” Works:

If you’re experiencing a “tooth ache” you may have a damaged or decayed tooth. Your tooth may have incurred damage to the nerve within the tooth’s canal which can result in it dying and creating a risk for infection. Intense tooth pain usually occurs when swelling of the nerve occurs.

Dr. Schmid offers relief from this pain with modern “root canal therapy” which can include the side benefit of keeping your natural tooth in place.

Root canal therapy, also called endodontic therapy, can be performed under local anesthesia to minimize discomfort. During your root canal procedure, Dr.Schmid will clear the infection and sterilize the nerve chamber in your tooth in order to completely eradicate any harmful bacteria from the infected area. He will then seal your tooth with a dental crown customized to match the look and shape of your teeth. The dental crown also provides extra support and protection for your tooth to help prevent further damage or infection.

Mild swelling and sensitivity is normal following root canal treatment, but these symptoms will gradually subside. Any discomfort after root canal therapy can be alleviated with medication.

Sometimes, the only alternative to a root canal is extraction, but retaining your tooth will keep your proper, comfortable bite intact, and alleviate the need for a replacement tooth.